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"Canners" are the people who collect empty bottles and cans on the streets in many cities as a means of survival. With people redeeming empty beverage containers for 5 cent symbolizing poverty, unwanted and unvalued 5 cent recyclables is seen as a public trash problem, once we consume of the beverages inside. 

Do you know it wasn't always that way? Bottles were once valuable objects, not to be easily discarded. This is why so many Norwegians recycle. One reason is because the deposits are higher. Norwegians are refunded 1 krone for small containers and 2,5 kroner for large containers -- the equivalent of respectively 17 and 43 cents. What if everyone sees the economic value in 5 cent recycling?

Recycle Invest sees the economic value to 5 cent recycling. This is why Recycle Invest was born. Recycle Invest is the asset holdings division of Common Sensibly.....facilitating investment portfolio growth through recycling.

"Recycle Invest found a clever way to marry recycling and investing....while educating people on both industries."

Dorsey, Supporter

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